100wc … ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted … 19/3/20

Hi, My name is Mary and I am going to tell you what happened last summer. It went like this…

Me and my brother got invited to The Cliff-Face Beach by my Aunt. When we got there we took a walk along the cliff face. All of a sudden my brother slipped on a rock and fell off the side. I gasped, then looked. Rex was dangling from a sharp ledge. ‘I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted. My Aunt quickly reached down and pulled him to safety. My brother was thoroughly shaken but looked OK.

… And that’s my story.

100wc …I didn’t realise they could fly…

“Look, up in the sky!”

“It’s a bird!”

“It’s a plane!”

”It’s superman!”

“NO! Everyone take a closer look at the things that are flying AND where they are coming from.”


Gosh, the people of Dandyville have quite small brains. Can’t they see that the flying things are coming from… a farm?!

“Hey you, gimme your binoculars, now!”

The flying things are a bit large, are smelly because from the ground we can smell them, have wings, are pink…

I didn’t realise they could fly!

”But p— can’t fly! Hey why can’t I say p—”

I hope you readers know what they are because I can’t seem to say it!


100wc 7/10/19

Ahhhhhh, what a wonderful day to walk in the park, especially if everything is chaos at our house. We had just moved into our new house, it is way better here than it is in Loud-path. Huh, funny, why is there a little grass podium in the middle of the park?

I am in the middle of the podium when I hear a noise from above. I slowly look up just as my whole body starts to feel very heavy. Wait, what, no! I can’t move!

Great, now I am stuck, in the middle of a grass podium looking upwards. Did the locals know about this?

Ergh OK, I guess the sky is quiet nice.

100wc 3/9/19 Avocado, purple, bones, elephants, seahorses

“Wait, what!?

There, in front of me, on the table was a giant purple avocado!!

“Muuuum” I said accusingly, why and where did you buy this?

“Do you like it? I also got you a jumper with a seahorses and you can see their bones!!!!” Blabbered mum excitedly.

“Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr” I screamed and run out of the house, to bump straight into a herd of elephants.

“Mum, where did you get the elephants?” I asked her when I went back into the house.

“Rent an elephant!” Replied mum happily.

“Why, out of all the days, it just has to be today” I groaned.


100wc 15/8/19 …As I turned my head, the world spun…

Hi readers, let me tell you MY story.

It was a beautiful day and I was outside playing with my dog, Summer, when my mum called me in and said, “get into the car” I was a bit surprised a this but I did what I was told anyway. She took me to the doctors! I had absolutely no idea why. When we got there and into ‘Dr Peter’s room’ he told me that I’ve had some flashbacks and he wanted to find out why. Suddenly my mind felt as though it had been kicked, memories came flooding back. I have had some flashbacks! As I turned my head, the world spun. Oh no, not again!!!!!!

100wc …Looking back, I remember…

Hi, My name is Lucy. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a 12 year old girl and my dad disappeared when I was 8. He has been gone for about 4 years now!

Looking back, I remember when me and my dad played outside together, when we went to the park together.

Well, that is the past, and time always moves forwards. As my dad used to say “always look through to the future”.

“Lucy!” My mum calls from down stairs, get yourself down here! Quickly! I jump up and dash downstairs. There, in the doorway is my Father…

100wc 18/6/19

Hi, my name is Mary and let me tell you my story on how the dominoes got into our city.

In our city we have two giants watching over us from above. They both liked to make chain reactions with dominoes. One of them liked to cheat. Now, the one that liked to cheat, sneakily put glue on 2 of the domino’s bottoms before the other giant made his domino chain reaction. “Plonk,plonk,plo” the dominoes stopped on the ones that were glued down. “Ha,ha you lose” chanted the one that liked to cheat. In rage the other giant threw all the dominoes off the table and onto our city. The 2 that were glued, stuck to our footpath. The rest? I don’t know where they went.


Hi Sophie, I really like the way the teacher got exited just because the whole class was there. Good job! I think you might need to edit your work because there is some grammar things you need to fix up. Apart from that it is really good!

To Joel,
I really liked the way that you used some emotion. I am not sure what you need to work on because your post is already amazing! Keep up making amazing 100 word challenges!
From Jennifer

To Aleyna,

Wow, I like the way that when you saw the sign it made me think that the store/school is really old because some of the letters are missing in the sign. I think you might need to check the some of the punctuation. Nevertheless it was amazing!
From Jennifer

Hi Charlie,
I liked this because it related to the real world.(When you were playing with your friends on the Xbox.) I think you need to work on some punctuation in your story. Otherwise your 100wc is really COOL!

From Jennifer

100wc 5/6/19 …Why was that hat on the table?…

I woke up to hear the front door creaking open then shutting again. ” What was that?” I asked aloud. No answer. I got dressed and went downstairs to investigate. There on the table was a hat. Why was that hat on the table? I go and get Mum from upstairs. As she comes down I look on the table, the hat was gone! “Where is the hat?” Mum asks in a questioning way. “B…b…but it was there a minute ago!” I say, confused. Mum goes back upstairs to bed. I turn around and the hat is back!

“Knock, knock” I sigh, this day has been so confusing! A tall man walks in, gives me a wink and walks out with the hat. “Huh?!” I say.