The Rainbow Eating Unicorn


One sunny day on the place with lots of sun was Rainbow Forest. It was so nice. Untill the unicorn came…


Rainbow Forest was a lovely place with sunshine and rain so there was always rainbows on everything. All the animals were happy. Then one day… rabbits thumped in warning and ran to their burrows, frogs jumped into their pond and swam away even the bears were cautious.

Soon every animal was hiding so they slowly peeked out of their hiding places to see what was going on. A giant thing was eating their rainbows! The thing had a horn, four legs, a white body and a silver mane and tail.

The Thing was a unicorn but the animals thought it looked awfully fat for a unicorn! All the animals wondered what to do, so in the end they decided to call the man of the      rainbows. When they did the man was in a deep thought.

After awhile he came down and told them to hide their rainbows until sun and rain came out, then hide them again if the sun and rain went. Now the rainbows come out atomically when their was sun and rain about. But the unicorn didn’t care he ate the when they were out and found were they were hidden. Now the unicorn was getting fatter by day. So the man of the rainbows thought again.

The man came down and asked 10 birds to fly up with the biggest rainbow (that hadn’t got eaten). Then he made it so you can only see it, not ever hold or touch it. The unicorn was desperate  for food so he flew after the rainbow and never ever came back. He hasn’t eaten it yet so he may be still flying to this very day! Look up and you may see a unicorn!

That is why rainbows only come out when their is sun and rain.  THE END

By Jennifer Haydon     Image result for rainbow eating unicorn