Prompt … it was completely out of tune…

There were two weeks till my music lesson. Mr. kink was the strictest music teacher in the world, he said that if our instruments were out of tune… he would kick us out of band.

                                                                       1 week later…

” I haven’t got my instrument tuned yet!!!!!!!” I yelled. For that whole week I was fretting and rushing around.  Then I saw an ad for tuning. Finally I was ready. I walked in to the room and presented my cello, and guess what ? IT WAS COMPLETELY  OUT OF TUNE! So I got kicked out of band.

One thought on “100wc

  1. Sorry Jennifer – I don’t know why this comment didn’t publish last week.

    I hope this doesn’t reflect your experience of music lessons and band! Mr. Kink does not sound like a very pleasant tutor.
    I really like the way you have varied your sentence length. The short, sharp sentences show that you are agitated and worried about tuning your instrument, and the longer sentences provide detail and context.
    Check your punctuation carefully – can you find the 2 missing capital letters?

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