100wc the vinegar was too sharp

Prompt …the vinegar was too sharp…

“Eeeeww I hate vinegar” I whine as my sister buys some salt and vinegar chips. My whole family is obsessed with vinegar. I don’t even know why. I think it is way too sharp and the disgusting feeling goes all the way down my throat! I have a Mum, Dad, and 2 older sisters. Every time we go to the shop we either get more vinegar, or more of anything that has vinegar in it. Soo boring! The thing I like most is original chips and other things like that. Vinegar is just not my thing.


One thought on “100wc the vinegar was too sharp

  1. What a clever piece of writing. I love the way you have used repetition to emphasise your dislike of vinegar (which, by the way, I really like).
    The way you have used direct speech for the whiney voice at the start, but then moved into a discussion of the topic works really well.
    Do you actually like vinegar… or not? You sound very convincing in your disgust.

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