100wc 25/3/19

Prompt:  … I was so cross that …

One day I was driving my car, minding my own business when a cyclist came out in front of me. He was going so slow that I almost exploded with anger. It’s OK, I told myself, just go into the other lane to over take him. So I did that. Just when I did that, he rode his bike into my lane! So I swapped back. So did he! I was so cross that I beeped my horn at him, and turned my car around. I was going home. I hope I never see him again.

100wc 4/3/2019


One particular day I got given a bag of very shiny RED COINS. Right away I thought that I had to keep them. When my little sister asked for one I said NO! Normally I would have said yes, but not today. Suddenly I tripped and fell down onto the PAVEMENT! The bag of coins flew out of my hand and started SINKING to the bottom of our well. I sprinted to the shed to get the LADDER, to retrieve my beautiful coins. Once I had gotten them out I gave one to my sister.