100wc 25/3/19

Prompt:  … I was so cross that …

One day I was driving my car, minding my own business when a cyclist came out in front of me. He was going so slow that I almost exploded with anger. It’s OK, I told myself, just go into the other lane to over take him. So I did that. Just when I did that, he rode his bike into my lane! So I swapped back. So did he! I was so cross that I beeped my horn at him, and turned my car around. I was going home. I hope I never see him again.

5 thoughts on “100wc 25/3/19

  1. jennifer
    great job! I also liked your ending because it raps the whole thing together and explains why you were so cross that…
    Good job
    -Erika D

  2. Well written Jennifer.
    You have structured these sentences very cleverly, with phrases and clauses to enhance the text. I am impressed with the way you have shared the feeling of frustration with the audience.

  3. well done, Jennifer! you’ve done great on this 100 word challenge!your story line is interesting, how you went to a different planet to see a horrible place I rate it 10/10

  4. Thank you for commenting on my work. I really appreciate it! 🙂

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